Zoe has returned to the studio to release two new songs this Winter. They were both inspired by the 2019-2020 bushfires.

She has a fresh ‘city folk’ sound and particularly relishes lyric crafting, story telling and unique harmonies. In what now feels like a past life, Zoe had the pleasure of supporting and playing alongside: Matt Corby, Renee Geyer, Tim Finn, Declan O’Rourke, Dragon, Patrick James, Tin Sparrow, Paul Greene, Lucky Wonders, Christopher Coleman, Marlon Williams, Sam Buckingham, Charlie Gradon…

Zoe has released 2 EPs, Precipitate and Black Dog.
She also won Australian Songwriters Conference (ASC) overall prize (2010) and the 2GO Annual Acoustic Awards (2010) and her proudest feat of all - she is now a full time kick ass mum living on the South Coast learning life the hard way.

Upcoming Gig with Kim Churchill

I am SO EXCITED to announce I will be the support act for Kim Churchill at the Kangaroo Valley Friendly Inn on Sunday 20th March, 3pm. Also on the bill is South Coast champ, Benji Fowler. Thanks to Great Southern Nights for bringing these gigs out to the sticks. More details at the link below.

You Did It!

You absolute legends. Thanks to your generosity, I will be recording some new tunes this year and releasing them as they are ready for you. Thank you for the phenomenal donations and encouragement over the past 2 months. We exceeded my first goal for 2 tracks. I am so grateful!

Fire Line music video

It’s a little unconventional these days I know… not having a video clip released with the song. But like the story of the song’s creation - the development of the video is another beautifully tangled web of generosity and providence.

Thanks to the beautiful Jorj at Manyana Matters (please check their cause out and follow), I was introduced to the talented Ash Brennan of Hired Gun TV Productions. He created the moving documentary “We are Conjola”. He kindly offered his time and footage for the video clip. We were also generously offered photographs from a local photographer Colin Talbott who is about to do an exhibition.

Those who know me know I hate being in front of a camera. The talented and magically soothing Lisa Grant caught some snips for me playing and singing in the bushland and made it something beautiful when I gave her little to work with.

The video is now released on Youtube and Instagram.

Music Releases

Zoe’s song, Fire Line, was released in July. “From the Ashes” has now follow in August and truly is the sister song of hope, born from the raw emotion of Fire Line.

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